BillSplitter+ Help

The below paragraphs describe the components of BillSplitter+.


The tab PERSONS lists all persons you added to BillSplitter+. Add persons clicking on + and entering their name. The tab also shows the balances of each person.

You can filter the list to show only persons who participate in a specific topic. This will show you only the balances for this topic.


The tab TOPICS lists your topics. A topic can either be an event (e.g., a trip you undertake with your friends) or any other collection of bills and transfers (e.g., when you are sharing a flat you may have bills collected over a long time period). Add a topic clicking on +, enter a title and assign participating people.


After adding persons and topics and assigning the persons to participate in topics, you can add bills, transfers, debts, and incomes pressing + in this tab. For each of them you have to assign the persons who are involved as well as an amount (and a currency) and a comment. You can also specify the date.

The different types (bill, transfer, debt, income) are briefly described below. The tab lists all transactions.

  • Bill

    The most important type. When you buy anything, specify who paid for the bill. You can specify more than one person here and - after upgrading - you can even specify how much each person paid. Before upgrading, each person will be added to have paid the same amount. Also add the persons on who the bill has to be distributed among and - also only when you upgraded - the individual amount for each person. All persons listed in "paid by" are the persons who directly paid the bill, e.g. the person who went to the supermarket to buy sausages for your BBQ. The persons who have to be listed in "distribute among" are all persons who have to pay for the bill, in this example all persons who ate a sausage.

  • Transfer

    Sometimes a person gives money to another person, e.g. when one of the persons on your trip has to buy something and has no money. You can add a transfer with a donor and a recipient to list this in BillSplitter+ so that the transfer will be added to the financial record.

  • Debt

    Oh no... your friend lent you his knife and you lost it. Too bad. As you don't want to pay him back now since you know that you will have to make a few transactions in order to be even after the trip, add a debt with you being the debtor and your friend being the lender.

  • Income

    After your trip your group earned some money together busking in the streets of NYC? Add an income in BillSplitter+ and specify the person(s) who took the money as well as all persons who should profit from the income.

Financial Record and Outstanding Transfers

At some point you want to make a final calculation. Each person will have a final balance and you want the balance of each person to be 0 so that all persons are even! BillSplitter+ will provide you with a financial record which lists all bills, transfers, debts, and incomes, the resulting balances and a possible list of outstanding transfers which have to be done in order to make all persons even. In TOPICS click on your topic and select "Financial Record" to see this list. After upgrading, you can also send this record to your friends by email! If you only want to see the list of outstanding transfers, you can also select "Outstanding Transfers" after selecting your topic. In this list, you can confirm a transfer as being completed. If you are interested in the financial record for one person, go to PERSONS, select the person and click on "Financial Record".


BillSplitter+ will be available for free in the Google Play Store. However, not all features can be used in the free version and an upgrade can be purchased in order to enable full functionality. The upgrade will also disable the advertisements. The most important features which are unlocked by purchasing the upgrade are:

  • diverse amounts

    Adding multiple people on who a transaction has to be distributed among or who have paid the bill, you can specify the individual amount each person has paid / has to pay.

  • send via email

    The final financial record as well as a list of outstanding transfers can be sent to your friends by email.

  • more than two currencies

    Extremely useful, when you make a trip in a different country in which you have to use another currency.

  • no ads

  • ...

If you haven't upgraded, you will be notified that a feature is only enabled after upgrading when trying to use it.



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