Android app to play your favorite play-along songs on an external MIDI device.

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Current version: v 1.0, published on January 20th, 2015


As a musician who likes to play an instrument accompanied by e.g. a piano, you usually play your MIDI files on your computer which is connected to an external MIDI device (e.g. a digital piano).
Having a phone which supports USB OTG and a USB-to-MIDI adapter you can use this app to play your MIDI files from your android.

Playalong provides all functionalities you need for typical play-along: you can change the speed of the playback, mute given tracks, transpose your songs (upgraded version only), or change the instrument's voice (upgraded version only). Playalong also allows you to define playlists which makes you able to sort your MIDI collection.

The visualization of the current key as well as the current meter, and having a metronome as well as the current measure displayed make this app and your device the perfect accompanist whenever your real-world accompanist(s) is/are not available to join you for a jam-session.


To use Playalong you need an Android phone which supports OTG, which is used to connect USB devices to the smartphone. You also need a MIDI device (e.g., a digital piano) and an OTG-adapter (which is a rather cheap cable) and a USB-to-MIDI interface.

Playalong Functions

Changing Playback Speed

When playing a song you can change the playback speed in the "Play" tab. If you want to reset the speed to one, drag the speed slider and hold it for one second, which will set the speed back to one.

Muting Tracks

To mute tracks (e.g. the track you are playing on your instrument), press long on the song in one of the lists (song list, playlists or active playlist in the "Play" tab) and choose "Mute Tracks..." in the opening menu. A dialog will popup which shows you all tracks. Pressing an item will mute / unmute it.

Transposing Songs

In the same menu you can choose "Transpose..." which will open a dialog which shows a slider to enter the number of semitones you want to transpose the song. This is usefull, when a MIDI file has a different key than your music sheet.

Replacing Instrument Voices

In a song's popup menu click on "Replace programs...". In the dialog which will open up you will see two comboboxes. For each replacement you want to perform, first choose the original program (upper combobox). E.g., if you want all notes played with a piano in your file to sound like an organ, choose "0: Acoustic Grand Piano" in the first box. Then choose the program which should sound instead of the original sound in the box below (in the example above, choose "19:Church Organ").


Playalong will be available for free in the Google Play Store. However, not all features can be used in the free version and an upgrade can be purchased in order to enable full functionality. The most important features which are unlocked by purchasing the upgrade are:

  • transposing songs
  • changing instrument voices
  • no ads

If you haven't upgraded, you will be notified that a feature is only enabled after upgrading when trying to use it.


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