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The process of saving the icons for your android app for all display densities and with different colors (e.g., enabled and disabled or for different android versions) takes a long time which you want to use to implement some more features for your app.

Most developers design all icons and graphics in the SVG format. Android requires the developer to export a PNG-file for each display density.

Therefore, recoloring and exporting svg's with different sizes becomes a task the developer performs quite often. icon-converter is able to export your icons given an SVG-file for each icon. While exporting, it can change colors and scale your icons. Converting the icons to the right sizes for each screen density and putting it in the right directories will be done automatically.


icon-converter is a simple and easy to use command line tool which you can use to convert a given SVG-file to different PNG-files according to the icon guidelines of android. icon-converter scales your icons to the right sizes and can be used to recolor the SVG-files to create different versions of the same shape.


You can see a source SVG-file and some examples of PNG-files icon-converter can create based on this SVG-file below. Note that all PNG-files are directly transformed to the right sizes for each screen density.

Source file
Changing colors
Removing parts
"enabled" (xhdpi)
"enabled" (hdpi)

Please read the following pages in order to understand how you can use icon-converter to create the above output. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please let me know.

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