Android Icon Converter


Usage Details

All possible arguments and their descriptions are listed below.

Basic arguments

  • [ -i | --input ] [ file1 file2 ... | directory ]

    Specifies the input files. If the path is a directory, all SVG-files in this directory will be used as input files.

  • [ -o | --res-folder ] res-directory

    Specifies the output folder. This is the res/ folder of your app.

  • [ -d | --dpi ] dpi1 dpi2 dpi3 ...

    List all dpis you want your icons to be exported for here. Possible values are mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi. If no -d argument is given, all dpis are exported.

  • [ -v | --version ] v1 v2 v3 ...

    List all versions (e.g. Honeycomb: v11) here. icon-converter will create a directory for each dpi and each version. By not specifying the -v argument one folder for each dpi will be created without any version suffix.


  • [ -m | --map-colors ] [ color-from1 color-to1 color-from2 color-to2 ... ]

    Use this argument to replace the color-from of each pair of colors with the given color-to. Colors must be either given as a RRGGBB or RRGGBBAA color. Not specifying alpha for a color will result in alpha beeing FF.

  • [ -t | --tolerance ] tolerance

    Specify the tolerance to be a float value between 0.0 and 1.0. By using the -m argument, any color which is similar to color-from will be replaced by the specified color-to. The tolerance is a measure of how different two colors can be in order to be recognized as similar.

  • [ -k | --keep-colors ] [ on | off]

    Set --keep-colors to "on" to forbid any recoloring. Default is "off".


  • [ -z | --scale ] scale

    Scales the icon. Normally, the size of the SVG input file in pixels is the same as the mdpi PNG output file. Define any scale value (float) to change this behaviour. Default: 1.0.


  • [ -s | --suffix ] suffix

    Define any string as -s argument. The output files will have the name of the input file with the specified suffix.

  • [ -p | --prefix ] prefix

    Define any string as -p argument. The output files will have the name of the input file with the specified prefix.


  • [ -c | --cmd ] cmd

    The command used to call convert. Default: convert. In some Windows OS versions, this command must be path/to/convert.exe.

  • [ -n | --normaldpi ] ndpi

    icon-converter uses the convert tool of Image Magic to create a PNG-file from the input SVG-file. Normally, a density of 72 (which is the default value for -n as well) does translate the size of the SVG-file to the pixel size of the PNG-file. However, this may be different for different convert versions. In this case, override this argument. ndpi must be integer.

  • [ -b | --verbose ] [ true | false ]

    Verbose on / off. If verbose, icon-converter will print all commands sent to convert on the terminal output.


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